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Organization of the Center for Inverse Design

This page describes the organizational management structure of the Center for Inverse Design, an Energy Frontier Research Center. It also describes the roles and responsibilities of the key staff within the Center for Inverse Design.

Center Director: William Tumas, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Program Integrator: John Perkins (NREL)

Chief Scientist (Theory): Alex Zunger (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Chief Scientist (Experiment): David Ginley (NREL)

Environmental, Safety, & Health Officer: Bev Hiller (NREL)

Technical Responsibilities of Key Scientific Staff

Energy Frontier Research Center Council: Center Director, Program Integrator; plus one representative from each participating institution other than NREL.

External Advisory Board: Distinguished members of the scientific community: Prof. Walter Kohn, Chair (University of California, Santa Barbara); Prof. Mark Asta (University of California, Berkeley); Prof. Francis J. DiSalvo (Cornell University); Prof. Claudia Felser (Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz); Prof. Rachel S. Goldman (University of Michigan); Prof. Alexandra Navotsky (University of California, Davis); and Prof. (Emeritus)Robert D. Shannon (University of Colorado, Boulder).